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We Have a New Name!

With the reorganization of the preschool programs as one program under one principal and leadership team, and to align with what has been two separate programs working independently of one another, the FMS School Board has approved the following name changes:

Farmington Special Preschool is now named: Farmington Preschool Academy East.
CATE Preschool is now named: Farmington Preschool Academy West.
Esperanza Preschool is now named: Farmington Preschool Academy South.

The excellent programs that are delivered to the students remain the same.  There will be a transition period while we work to get the name changes in all needed areas.  You will see some changes in the signs on the three buildings; inside our dedicated preschool staff will continue to teach and serve the students and families in the Farmington district.  If you have questions or know anyone who would be interested in having his/her child screened or enrolled in one of our programs, please contact us.

Thank you for entrusting us to be partners with you in the preschool journey to provide children a safe and nurturing learning environment that supports the whole child in developing the necessary skills to construct their own knowledge and be prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten.